P. ramorum in Nurseries

This section of the website is devoted to P. ramorum-related issues critical to nurseries, independent growers, and related plant-care/plant propagation industries. Scroll down to see the full list of resources available. See the full Nursery Chronology in our Library.

Nursery Diagnostic Guides:

Nursery Best Management PracticesThese Best Management Practices (BMP’s) are designed to control or eliminate the diseases caused by P. ramorum.

Trainings and Professional Education for Nurseries:

  • Phytophthora online course: Training for Nursery Growers – Provided by Oregon State University; offered through OSU Extended Campus in partnership with the Oregon Department of Agriculture, this online course provides training about Phytophthora, so that you can reduce the risk of Phytophthora disease in your nursery.
  • Washington State University resources – There are a variety of resources available from WSU including publications for download and online trainings.
  • Sudden oak death and ramorum blight – Provided by APS.net, 2008; this webpage provides an overview of sudden oak death and ramorum blight as part of APS’s Plant Health Instructor series. DOI: 10.1094/PHI-I-2008-0227-01
  • Phytophthora ramorum – Educate to Detect (PRED) – 2004; this PowerPoint slideshow was intended to educate first responders and Master Gardeners nationwide on P. ramorum diagnosis and sampling. It includes many photographs of symptomatic plants and focuses on horticultural varieties that are commonly sold around the country.
  • Information on Phythophthora tentaculata

Nursery Photos – Symptoms:

P. ramorum Nursery Research Needs Lists: Prioritized lists of research needs, from March 2008 and June 2010.

Additional resources and links