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Activities for Educators

  • Can My Tree Catch The Flu PDF – This series of interactive and engaging activities helps increase youth awareness of Sudden Oak Death. To provide an analogy to how a tree catches this disease, participants are introduced to a familiar situation – catching the flu. All activities were initially developed for a middle-school level audience but may easily be adapted to other ages and levels.
  • Trees in Trouble PDF – Information on Oak Communities, the causes and effects of Sudden Oak Death, as well as methods of transport support these student activities. The grade-specific activities help students learn about native oaks and ways they can help stop the spread of Sudden Oak Death.
  • Junior Ranger Guide PDF – This activity guide explains the ins and outs of Sudden Oak Death in a dynamic and engaging way, blending games, maps, and activity prompts with kid-friendly background information on the disease.
  • Find even more educational activities on other invasive pests at

Handouts & Posters

Training Resources

Virtual Training: Phytophthora ramorum, A Short Course – Three PowerPoint presentations available for download and use.

USDA Phytophthora ramorum Educate to Detect (PRED) Program – PowerPoint presentation (slides and script) on P. ramorum (includes background information, how to recognize symptoms, how to submit a sample for lab diagnosis)

Additional nursery-related training materials are available here.

Activities for Youth

Find out what’s baffling scientists and killing forests now! Play Sudden Oak Death puzzles, games and other Youth Activities here.