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Activities for Youth

Find out what’s baffling scientists and killing forests now!

Play Sudden Oak Death puzzles, games and other Youth Activities here.


Activities for Educators

  • Can My Tree Catch The Flu PDF – This series of interactive and engaging activities helps increase youth awareness of Sudden Oak Death.  To provide an analogy to how a tree catches this disease, participants are introduced to a familiar situation – catching the flu.  All activities were initially developed for a middle-school level audience but may easily be adapted to other ages and levels.
  • Trees in Trouble PDF – Information on Oak Communities, the causes and effects of Sudden Oak Death, as well as methods of transport support these student activities. The grade-specific activities help students learn about native oaks and ways they can help stop the spread of Sudden Oak Death.
  • Junior Ranger Guide PDF – This activity guide explains the ins and outs of Sudden Oak Death in a dynamic and engaging way, blending games, maps, and activity prompts with kid-friendly background information on the disease.
  • Find even more educational activities on other invasive pests at

Handouts & Posters

Training Resources

Nursery-related trainings available here.

Virtual Training: Phytophthora ramorum, A Short Course:

Three PowerPoint presentations available for download and use. Please note:  These are large files that will take some time to download. We suggest you download using the fastest connection available.

USDA Phytophthora ramorum Educate to Detect (PRED) Program

PowerPoint presentation (slides and script) on P. ramorum (includes background information, how to recognize symptoms, how to submit a sample for lab diagnosis)