The COMTF library contains reference materials and documents about sudden oak death that can be used for research or training purposes.

  • COMTF Program Documents: Task Force documents available for download, including informational pamphlets, diagnostic guides, educational materials, brochures and best management practices. These are primarily available in .pdf format, and require Acrobat 5.0 or higher.
  • Bibliography Database: A comprehensive list of publications addressing numerous aspects of Phytophthora ramorum research.
  • SOD Literature Summary: Sudden Oak Death and Phytophthora ramorum: A Summary of the Literature, by John T. Kliejunas.
  • Education and Training Resources: Interactive activities for youth as well as documents available for downloading such as: activities for educators, handouts, posters, and Power Point presentations including Virtual Training Guides and the PRED program.
  • Photo library: Plant symptoms, landscape impacts, and more in visual form.
  • Video: Watch video presentations about P. ramorum.