P. ramorum in the Urban Interface

Sudden Oak Death is common in urban-wildland interface areas, so it presents problems for foresters, homeowners, plant gatherers, and landscape and tree care professionals. Below is a list of resources for those who live and work in the infested areas along the urban-wildland interface.

  • UC IPM Sudden Oak Death Pest Note: This publication provides a summary of diagnosing and treating P. ramorum infections in managed landscapes.
  • Protecting Trees from Sudden Oak Death Before Infection: This publication provides helpful treatment information for areas not currently infested but at risk.
  • A Reference Manual for Managing Sudden Oak Death in California: This publication is intended to help resource management professionals and landowners understand and manage sudden oak death (SOD) in California forests
  • Best Management Practices: Best Management Practices for a number of activities and user groups on wildlands and in urban-interface zones, for both homeowners and professionals such arborists.
  • A Homeowners Guide to Sudden Oak Death: This guide addresses how to confirm the presence of the pathogen on your property, how your trees will be affected if they are infected, secondary problems associated with P. ramorum, and preventive measures that can help you safeguard your trees. Be sure to read these guidelines before hiring any tree professionals to diagnose or treat your trees so you are aware of the latest information.
  • Printable summary handout for homeowners: This handout includes common questions homeowners have about sudden oak death.
  • Maintaining Oak Tree Health: This page on our website provides information about pruning, fertilization, and irrigation guidelines for keeping oaks healthy.
  • Diagnosis & Sampling: This links to a page on this website with information about how to prepare a sample to test for sudden oak death.
  • Treatments: This links to a page on this website that provides preventive measures that may protect plants.
  • Arborist & Applicator Lists: This page on the website provides a list of tree care professionals who have been through a COMTF training session on symptom recognition/sampling and the use of the Agri-fos/Pentra-bark treatment.
  • Sanitation: This link to a page on this website with sanitation measures to reduce the risk of spreading the pathogen.
  • Spanish Fact Sheet: This information sheet has common questions about sudden oak death in Spanish.
  • A Field Guide to Insects and Diseases of California Oaks: Order a  free hard copy:
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