What is Sudden Oak Death?

Sudden Oak Death is a tree disease caused by the plant pathogen Phytophthora ramorum. The disease kills some oak species and has had devastating effects on forests in California and Oregon. Read more about Sudden Oak Death.

Areas of Interest

P. ramorum in Wildlands The information in this section is geared toward land management, forestry and arboriculture professionals, including Best Management Practices.
P. ramorum in Nurseries This section addresses P. ramorum issues critical to nurseries, independent growers, and related plant-care/plant propagation industries, including Nursery Diagnostic Guides.
P. ramorum
in the Urban Interface
Look here for resources that address common homeowner questions, including diagnosing Sudden Oak Death and finding an arborist to work with.


P. ramorum confirmed in the Mad River watershed, Humboldt County. Read more…

Communities join in the fight against SOD

Sudden Oak Death Confirmed in Trinity County

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Resources from the “Visualizing Sudden Oak Death” e-conference are still online for review. Please take our survey and tell us what you think!

The Art of Saving Oaks – the fourth exhibition of art related to oak woodlands, entirely online from February 2014-February 2015.

Help stop the spread of forest pests – including Sudden Oak Death – on firewood! Check out the website of the California Firewood Task Force.

Calendar of Events

4/11 – Santa Cruz SOD Blitz Training

4/12 – South Skyline SOD Blitz Training

4/18 – Mendocino SOD Blitz Training, Option 1

4/19 – Mendocino SOD Blitz Training, Option 2

4/19 – Sonoma SOD Blitz Training, 3

4/26 – Marin, San Rafael and San Mateo, Burlingame Hills SOD Blitz Trainings

5/3 – Monterey SOD Blitz Training

5/10 – Contra Costa and Alameda SOD Blitz Trainings

5/16 – San Luis Obispo SOD Blitz Training

5/17 – San Mateo-Santa Clara, Woodside-Portola Valley/Emerald Hills/San Carlos/Atherton SOD Blitz Training

5/18 – Santa Clara SOD Blitz Training

5/22 – San Francisco SOD Blitz Training

5/24 –  Santa Clara, Los Altos Hills SOD Blitz Training

5/31 – Napa SOD Blitz Training

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