Grant opportunities

Below is a list of grant opportunities that may be of help in addressing the elevated tree mortality currently seen in the Bay Area. These and many other state grant programs are listed on

Keep in mind that some of these grant programs have a match requirement, and some do not.  Match can be cash, in-kind, volunteer time, non-cash, third-party donations.  Grant dollars from non-federal grants (e.g. CAL FIRE CCI grants) can potentially be used to meet the match requirement of Federal grants. Also, updating any planning documents and engaging abutting communities and landowners to develop goals and a Community Wildfire Protection Plan could make your project more competitive. 

  • Competitive WUI grants – USFS funded but managed through the States.
    • Grant limit:  $300,000 Federal dollars.
    • There is typically a dollar for dollar match, but CAL FIRE may decide to cover the match portion (it should be part of the announcement if that is the case or contact the CAL FIRE coordinator).
    • CAL FIRE will send out a notice or visit CAL FIRE’s website.
    • CAL FIRE will accept applications roughly from June – August 2021 (details in the notice) for projects that will begin in 2022.
    • If you do not see a notice by July announcing the program, please contact the Fire Marshal office and express your interest in the Western States Competitive WUI grant program.
  • CAL FIRE Urban & Community Grants (Application period closes 7/14/2021)
  • CA Dept of Parks and Rec Regional Park Program (Application period closes 11/5/2021)
  • CA Coastal Conservancy Prop.68 Climate Adaptation Funds (Application period closes 1/1/2022; this may also have rolling application dates)