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What is Sudden Oak Death?

Sudden Oak Death is a tree disease caused by the plant pathogen Phytophthora ramorum. The disease kills some oak species and has had devastating effects on forests in California and Oregon. Read more about Sudden Oak Death.



New CA nurseries and a possible new P. ramorum host discovered during spring surveys, while WA surveys come back all negative. Read more…

CDFA reviewing pest ratings for Phytophthora species, comments requested. Read more…

Japanese larch positives found for the first time in France. Read more…

SODMAP call for submissions now open! Submit today. Read more…

UC Cooperative Extension hiring a Forestry Advisor for Mendocino/Lake Counties. Read more…

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Resources on P. tentaculata, recently found in native plant nurseries and restoration sites, can be found on the new web page.

New THANQs – FAQ Resource for Tree Health Questions

Help stop the spread of forest pests – including Sudden Oak Death – on firewood! Check out the website of the California Firewood Task Force.

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2/1–3/18 – 2018 California Native Plant Society Conservation Conference; Los Angeles Airport Marriott

The California Oak Mortality Task Force is a task force under the California Forest Pest Council.


11 thoughts on “California Oak Mortality Task Force – Sudden Oak Death Web Site Home Page”

  1. Where can I get laural bay leaves tested for sudden oak disease pathogens? I want to remove some bay trees touching my black oak but a neighbor wants proof of the disease.

  2. We have a redwood that looks like it has sudden oak death and the one next to it seems healthy. How do we save the infected tree and prevent its sibling from getting this disease? We are watering even with well water. Do we have options? Thank you for any response.

  3. Thanks for this question. “Sudden Oak Death” doesn’t actually affect redwood trees in ways most people can see. The pathogen will cause small needle spots that may make some of them discolor and drop but it’s a minor symptom. If you are seeing significant dieback on a redwood it is not due to this pathogen. I recommend you contact your local Cooperative Extension office or Master Gardeners for more specific information and local assistance. Good luck!

  4. What can I do to save my old oak trees. Lost 3 over the last few years and now 2 more are dying. One in a matter of weeks turned completely brown. We are in Virginia.

  5. Our oak tree is showing signs of Sudden Oak Death. We would like treat it with Agri-fos. Who can help us with this? Thanks.

  6. I notice several Tanoaks that have turned completely brown. Previously they had a few partially brown branches. Should they be cut down with the recent rains?

  7. Hi, what is the recommended distance from an isolated oak stand a person should start decontaminating to prevent the introduction of Phytopthora? Thank you!

  8. We had this. It was caused by an insect. Once the insect infestation was managed the redwood returned to health

  9. Steven Worster

    I just discovered what appears to be a severe case of SOD in an oak tree. It appears quite diseased and is very close to my house and neighbors garage. It is located on edge of Glenhaven in Clearlake Oaks, CA. This is a small town next to Clearlake, in northern CA. Are there treatments available? Also I purchased several new yard plants this past spring which immediately became sick shortly after arriving. Could it be related to this disease?

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