Pest Risk Assessments

The purpose of a pest risk assessment is to estimate the likelihood of P. ramorum infestation. Below are a number of regional pest risk assessments.

  • United Kingdom: Pest Risk Analysis: The November 2007 Datasheet, which replaces the 15 October 2003 PRA for the UK, is a precursor to the production of the EU PRA and can be viewed here.
  • European Union – Pest Risk Analysis: The overall objective of the project Risk Analysis for Phytophthora Ramorum (RAPRA) is to produce a European Pest Risk Analysis for Phytophthora ramorum including risk management strategies and contingency plans applicable to the pathogen within the European Union. In addition, the European Mediterranean Plant Protection Organization (EPPO) produced a document on Pest Risk Management for Phytophthora kernoviae and Phytophthora ramorum  in 2013 which estimates effectiveness of phytosanitary measures.