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Inman, A.J., P.A. Beales, C.R. Lane, and C. Brasier. 2002. Comparative pathogenicity of European and American isolates of Phytophthora ramorum to leaves of ornamental, hedgerow, and woodland under-story plants... | Show full citation , , ,
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Ivors, K., M. Garbelotto, I. De Vries, and P. Bonants. 2005. Use of Microsatellite Markers Derived from Whole Genome Sequence Data for Identifying Polymorphism in Phytophthora ramorum. Sudden Oak Death Science... | Show full citation , , ,
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Jensen, C., A. Wickland, and D. Rizzo. 2005. Distribution and pathogenicity of P. nemorosa and P. pseudosyringae in California’s coastal forests. Sudden Oak Death Science Symposium II, 18-21 January 2005, Mon... | Show full citation , ,
Jiang, H.; Cao, C.; Chen, W.; Fang, Z.; and Liu, C. 2016. Simulation and Prediction of the Spatiotemporal Transmission of Sudden Oak Death (SOD) Based on Spatial Information Technology. IEEE International Geosc... | Show full citation , , , ,
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