Nursery Information

This section of the website is devoted to P. ramorum-related issues critical to nurseries, independent growers, and related plant-care/plant propagation industries. The pages include a comprehensive chronology of the problem of P. ramorum in nurseries, summaries and home pages for the agencies involved in the management of the problem, periodic updates and pest alerts, and diagnostic guides. Scroll down to see the full list of resources available.

Resources available through the California Oak Mortality Task Force and its partners

Nursery Chronology (last updated May 2017): A summary of the status of P. ramorum in US Nurseries.

Nursery Diagnostic Guides: California, Oregon, Washington guides.

Nursery Best Management Practices: These Best Management Practices (BMP’s) are designed to control or eliminate the diseases caused by P. ramorum.

Trainings and Professional Education for Nurseries: Links to online training modules, handouts and presentations, and relevant publications and references are available on this page.

Nursery Photos: Photos and guides to P. ramorum symptoms on common nursery plants.

P. ramorum Nursery Research Needs Lists: Prioritized lists of research needs, from March 2008 and June 2010.


Additional resources and links

American  Nursery and Landscape Association

Cooperative Agricultural Pest Survey (CAPS) program: Pest Tracker – National Agricultural Pest Information System.

Economic forecasts for the nursery industry provided by Charlie Hall, Texas A & M: The mission is to advance the health and vitality of the floriculture industry on a national and international scope.

Forest Nursery Pests Handbook (2012): This handbook was prepared by a team of research scientist and pest management specialists who are experts in the field of identifying and controlling the pests of forest tree nurseries. This is a revision of Forest Nursery Pests, Agriculture Handbook No. 680, that was issued in December 1989. By Michelle Cram, Michelle Frank, Katy Mallams. Direct access to the P. ramorum is here: Sudden Oak Death (Chapter 40 of Forest Nursery Pests, 2012).

Horticulture Research Institute: publisher of Journal of Environmental Horticulture

National Plant Board

National Plant Diagnostic Network (NPDN)

North American Plant Protection Organization (NAPPO): Provides a forum for public and private sectors in Canada, the United States and Mexico to collaborate in the development of science-based standards intended to protect agricultural, forest and other plant resources against regulated plant pests, while facilitating trade. Participate in related international cooperative efforts.

NORS-DUC: The National Ornamentals Research Site at Dominican University of California (NORS-DUC) is a secure site modeled to reflect a nursery for the purpose of performing studies on nursery stock in a “real world” environment.

Nurseries and Garden Centers Biosecurity Poster (FERA): Shows how to protect your nursery or garden center from pest and disease invaders.

Oregon Association of Nurserymen (OAN): Publisher of the Digger, a free trade magazine.

University of California Nursery & Floriculture Alliance

USDA Forest Nursery Notes: Winter 2013 issue covering the relationship between P. ramorum in nurseries and in forests